Publication Project Arch2O – Students Week 8

Again, Welcome to our semi annual meeting for our students week competition. We are glade to announce our selection of the best submitted project.

Audience wil be able to vote on the (Finalists) projects between the period of 17th – 30th of october . Our Students week 8 marks the third year of the competition that was first established in 2012 to recognize students’ outstanding ideas through the novel use of design technology, materials, aesthetics, and spatial organizations.

In this round, Arch2O has received 1153 projects from 32 countries across the globe. Our selection criteria focused on three main aspects; Architectural concept, level of creativity, and the quality of the presentation. This time, we were keen to present broad number of ideas and different styles of presentations. Audience interaction (voting, commenting, sharing of projects, etc.) is one factor in selecting the finalists, however, it is not the sole element for evaluation. After the public voting ends on 30th of October at 23.59 pm, only the top five projects will receive finalists’ certificate from Arch2O.

I would like to thank Arch2O team members who donated time and efforts for the competition. Also, I would like to thank everyone who participated in our students week 8, and we hope you enjoy our selection of the projects, as we look forward to your participation in the public voting.

Arch2O Editor-in-Chief
Ibrahim A.I. Abdelhady


National Competition , Young Architects for the Urban Development , #3 Prize

03.Poster 1 IMG 01

01.Shkrime 1Orikumi është një pikë strategjike e rajonit e përmendur që në lashtësi për historinë, natyrën, faunën dhe florën e tij. Por në dekadat e fundit zhvillimi kaotik ka zbehur rëndësinë e tij duke u lëne në harresë. Shtresëzimet e historisë evidentohen duke lidhur pikat kryesore të qytetit me prioritetin e turizmit, zhvillimin e qytetit të lidhur ngushtë me detin si dhe afrimin e qytetit me agrikulturën, si një pikë strategjike e rëndësishme e zhvillimit ekonomik.

04.Shkrime 5

02.Poster 1 IMG 02

Professional School

Professional Schol

The purpose of this project is to design a school and a space that gives to the students very high  quality and  prepares them in specific fields. The urban space that I create,  gives to the students and community freedom to express the talent of creation and imagination,  in the same time the architectural language of the building that represent the  side of institutional  education.

Architecture , Design